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Hi Everyone,

My name is Allan Hall.

My love of Photography and all things designed started 33 years ago while working with Large format, Medium Format and 35mm Cameras during my 3 year Commercial Art degree.  Over the years photography was kept as a hobby while embracing technology in building our Automotive & Fleet Graphics company called Trim-Line Design and Digital Images Inc., a Large format digital printing and display company.  We were proud to be the first in Saskatchewan with a Digital Thermal printer for Vinyl and Large Format Ink Jet Printer.  The success of these companies didn't go unnoticed and when approached we decided to sell and focus on my other love; Construction.  For 12 years we built Sherwood Modular Homes into the largest modular home retailer in Saskatchwan until selling out in 2012.  While still consulting in the modular building industry I slowly changed my Photography hobby into a business.

Why Real Estate and Architectural Photography?

1st-  I love Photography and I Love well designed buildings.  A great fit!

2nd-  I really get excited about great Marketing, Branding, & Technology which the selling of real estate is all about these days.  Yes I'm a photographer, but foremost I think of myself as a creator of Visual Marketing and Branding Consultant for other professional business owners.

Do you think your "Marketing or Brand" could be improved?   Not sure?

Remember: Better Brand=Better Marketing=More Listings=More $

Why not give myself an email or a call.  We can sit down for a brief consultation and see how we can improve your visual marketing brand.


Allan Hall




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